Who We Are

App4Law is an online platform that allows to speed up and automate the relationship between ENTERPRISES (companies, self-employers, entities), ADVISORS (lawyers and accountants) and PUBLIC OFFICES (Courts, Companies House, Tax Agencies, Social Security Agencies ) through telematic and instantaneous interaction with a professional team of advisors.

Sign in, upload the documents required and sign them if necessary. App4Law will automatically generate all the documents to process the application, an advisor will validate and sign it. App4Law will send everything to the competent Offices and, as soon as the application has been processed, the platform will automatically report the outcome.

With App4Law you can comfortably complete your legal practices in a few clicks, from home or from the office without need to go to a advisor’s office.

App4law is an international project promoted by Italian, Maltese, English, Spanish and German lawyers and accountants. Currently the services of  DIFFIDATION THROUGH LAWER and  DECREE INJUNCTIVE ON LINE are already active for Italy while for the United Kindom the service of Pre-action Letter for Debt Claim.

Who Is It For

App4Law is a service suitable for companies, self-employers and all who need to apply a legal or administrative issue that requires the cooperation of a lawyer or an accountant and of a public office.

App4Law frees up the time to dedicate to your business: legal and administrative practices can be carried out with a few clicks directly from your office.

The automation produced by App4Law allows a considerable saving of costs as well as time: the platform in fact saves precious time even to the advisors (lawyers and accountants) allowing them to break down their respective parcels.

Currently in Italy is active the services of  DIFFIDATION THROUGH LAWYER and  INJUNCTIVE DECREE ON LINE that allow you to recover any certain, liquid and collectable credit. For the United Kingdom is already active the pre-action letter for debt claim service.